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About Industrial Training Institute Indranagar

Indranagar Industrial Training Institute is a training institute which provide training in technical field in various trades and constituted under Directorate General of Employment & Training (DGET), Ministry of Labour & Employment, Union Government of India and it is now under Govt.of Tripura.

Message from Principal

Our Institute is an excellent platform providing almost all kind of training & training facilities in various fields through the Industrial Training Institutes(ITI)all Tripura and we have a large employment potential that can be utilised by skilled and multi-skilled youngers.

Infrastructure, Building and Workshop
Ownership Documents/Lease agreement for rented building In Square Meters Link to scanned document/image
Total Area 5965 Land Details / Porcha
Site Plan (Main)
Site Plan (Sub-Plan: A)
Site Plan (Sub-Plan: B)
Site Plan (Sub-Plan: C)
Covered Area 5564
Total Class Rooms Area 405.4
Total Workshops Area 2240.2
Drawing Hall --
Audio Visual Hall --
Computer Lab 71.2
Play Area 11214
Library 21.6

Electric Power Supply
Present Electric Load (in KW) Hyperlink to document proof
Date of Connection Electricity Load Certificate
Connection in the name of
Meter No.
Seal No.